Born in Taiwan, Yen-Ching Lin studied at the Taipei National University of the Arts and the London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS) where she completed the Postgraduate Diploma program (Edge05- Postgraduate Dance Company) and then obtained MA in Contemporary Dance. 

Yen-Ching has worked with choreographers such as Maresa von Stockert, Charles Linehan, Jonathan Lunn, Jan de Schynkel, and Didy Veldman. She had danced for Hofesh Schether Company and Bern Ballet under the direction of Stijn Celis and Akram Khan Company .She is also a rehearsal director for Akram Khan Company.

Yen-Ching is interesting in exploring different art forms and collaborating with different artists.

Virtual Reality (VR) film WHILST by AΦE Link

The Waldorf Project Chapter there / FUTURO SEAN R-Ogg & AΦE Link

Yen-Ching is also a Member of Theo Adam Company




The workshop will contain two section: the first section is inspire by “Osho Kundalini Meditation” is a shaking and dancing meditation, allow you to melt any block in the body and being ,and bringing the liquid flow into different part of body and mind.  Then will leading into the Second part: an improvisation section.
In this Section,We will focused on the sensations, different quality and movements within the body,  is deepen the awareness of the body through elements like inner/outer space , ,nature /animals . And through the improvisation journey connecting the body and emotions in the moment  and let them lead you to explore movements. It will also Develop self awareness through out the journey.
Through out the class each self could find more individual quality and challenge for self in different way also to feel the freedom within your own body and mind.



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