Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong by the artistic director, Vangelis Legakis, Unity Space Global Ltd. is an Arts organization, creating and promoting arts and healing productions, events, and educational programs and courses for endorsing the arts as a main medium for self development in career and personal life.

We are driven by a single goal; to bring unity in the world through the arts and healing arts.

We feel that authentic human connection is at the core of what makes us evolve and create harmony in this world.

UNITY SPACE has been creating numerous international Festivals, Projects, Educational Programs and Artists in Residencies that integrate the arts with healing and life, inclusive to all people, cultures, professions and backgrounds.

We have established synergies with individuals and organizations across the globe to co-create new avenues for self development in career and life through the arts and healing arts.



– Working Towards A Better Life for All –
Our mission is to provide accessible art activities, based upon integrated disciplines, to create wholeness for the individual and society. We are offering holistic, interdisciplinary Arts & Healing productions, events and courses.


Our vision is to bring Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies in unity and create oneness across the world through the arts.

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