Here at UNITY SPACE, we are driven by a single goal; to spread interdisciplinary practices integrating performing and visual arts with healing and spirituality for making the world a unique place for all. We create projects, festivals and residencies across the world inclusive to all people, cultures, professions and backgrounds.

​Dance is our main medium upon which all other disciplines very well intertwine. We world-wide spread our experience and knowledge to advance the living standards in private and public sectors. UNITY SPACE was created to offer the right environment to the public to express, learn, co-create and find integration in their life and career through the arts, yoga and chi gong. Dance offers passion to live, to co-create, to express, to heal and to enjoy life in a community space. Yoga and Chi Gong offer a fine-tuned introspection for self development and healing.

​We internationally synergise having as a main goal teamwork and open-mindedness to find new avenues to integrate art in the lives of all people. We build productive relationships with all our collaborators and make a positive impact to the world with all of our activities.

​Unity Space is a space of integration where we unite people and cultures within a collective spirit.


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