Xie Xin, a young dancer, set up Xiexin Dance Theater in 2014. Successively, she worked in Guangdong Modern Dance Troupe, Shanghai Jinxing Dance Troupe, Beijing Tao Dance Theater, BeijingDance (LDTX).

In addition, she was awarded Gold Prize in the 14th Italian Rome International Dance Competition, Silver Prize and the best performance in the second Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, Silver Prize and the most popular works in the 29th German Hannover International Choreography Competition, Gold Prize in “Lotus Cup” Modern Dance Competition, Gold Prize in the 13th Seoul) International Dance Competition.

Director of Finland Kuopio International Dance Festival commented, “I have realized the future I haven’t found in the development of European modern dance in Xie Xin’s works, which have extreme sensitivity of uniqueness and specialty.” National Art Foundation, CFLAC foundation and Young Artists Platform of Dance all support the development of artists.




Focus of Training:

body connection training, possibility development training with combination practice of technologies.

1. Deal with the body’s possibilities, potency and openness

2. Learn the movement’s organicity and flow. Listening to the body and the movement

3. Learn about the textures, understanding, applicability and flexible shifts of the body

4. Learn and create one’s own infinite possibilities

5. Learn profound self-consciousness, internal and external connection. Learn about the energy input and output and how to recycle the energy.



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