Our goal is to offer a unique interdisciplinary festival with dance and diverse art forms by integrating Eastern and Western philosophies and practices.

To make your experience unique and unforgettable, we prepared two categories of workshops: “PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS” and “ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS”


For the Full Festival Pass, you can choose 1 workshop from “PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS”, and 2 workshops for each week from “ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS”.

Photographer: Tom Visser


Performance Workshops will be taught by the world-leading Master Teachers, which will focus on Performance and Creation. Participants will have a chance to experience and learn Master Teacher’s dance practices and their creative process.

These workshops will culminate into a public performance at the end of the Festival, and it will be present at the Teatro Polivalente.

Length: 11 Days (Last 2 Days will be rehearsals and performances)
Time: 3;5Hrs Workshop Everyday
Level: Advanced – Professional

Los Little Guys


Elective Workshops will be taught by a number of international teachers specialized on different disciplines, and will focus on embodying practices. Participants can experience and learn a variety of Eastern and Western practices:

Contact Beyond Contact, Somatics, Contact Improvisation, Yoga, QiGong, Contemporary Dance Technique, and more.

Length: 4 or 8 Days
Time: 1-2 Hrs per workshop – 2 Selections of workshops each day
Level: All levels

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