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Centro De Las Artes De San Luis Potosì

Inaugurated on August 27, 2008, the Arts Center of San Luis Potosí is part of the National Network of Arts Centers, made up of seven Art Training and Production Centers, and thirteen Arts Centers. The building where CEART is located was used from its origin (1904), until March 1999, as a prison; the construction adheres to the panoptic model of prison architecture (with total surveillance from a single point), devised by the philosopher Jeremy Bentham.



CEART is an institution dedicated to the education, production and dissemination of the arts. Its main purpose is to strengthen, expand and update the educational field through integral models, with special emphasis on current artistic manifestations. His academic project contemplates, as one of the most important purposes, the integration of the arts, humanities and technologies, through multi- and interdisciplinary schemes.


To be an artistic education center that promotes the development of training in the arts, as well as the specialization and updating of professionals of the arts at the local and regional levels, based on an innovative model, its interdisciplinary nature, the current conditions of professional practice, and its integration into social and community life.


Centro De Las Artes de San Luis Potosì
Calzada de Guadalupe 705, Col. Julian Carrillo
San Luis Potosí, S.L.P., CP. 78340, MEXICO

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