Interdisciplinary Festival of Embodiment

Festival to learn, grow and integrate Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

Have you ever thought to be part of a festival where diverse art forms such as Dance, Martial Arts, Chi Gong, Yoga, Painting, Dance on Film, Healing & Therapeutic Modalities can be part of the experience?

Unity Space presents East Point West – IFE, a one-of-a-kind international festival where you can experience diverse disciplines from across the world to integrate, unite and evolve in your art form as well as in life.

We are living in an era of INTEGRATION and most of the time we tend to keep doing and doing in our lives without having a minute to reflect within.

We provide the right environment for integration to come natural through unique experiences. The integration of Eastern and Western philosophies and modalities can stimulate us to reflect, question, breathe, find new pathways in our career and life and take right actions.

Together we endeavour to bring unity in the arts across disciplines, cultures and continents.

The festival is supported by KLPAC & DPAC in 2018 and KLPAC and ASWARA University in 2019; art organizations that support and educate the local arts scene in KL for many years. The Festival is also in partnership with MAY ARTIST SPACE.


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