A meeting point of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices to Integrate, Transform and Go Beyond!

Integration is a key in our life.
It helps us to live harmoniously within ourselves and within diverse societies.
And transformation brings new ways of seeing … enlightening our human connections.

East Point West – IFE will offer you the right environment for you to integrate, transform and go beyond.

You will be able to open yourself to great potentials — not only through dance, but also through other art forms.
This is also a place for you to explore, discover, express, co-create, and learn from each other.

This festival is dedicated to dancers and their life and career journey. What part is our career plays in our life?

We are living in a crucial time. The world asks us to re-evaluate and recast obsolete educational systems.
Integrating Eastern and Western practice and philosophy, will help us to find inner balance, prepare ourselves for any changes, and allow us take great personal and professional leaps.

Each one of us has certain experiences and knowledge. How can we co-create a greater future for all is of a core value of this festival.

Here in East Point West, we meet and unite.
You will have a profound chance to integrate and transform, to become ONE from within.

Vangelis Legakis

Founder and Artistic Director of Unity Space

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