Ren Xin is an independent dance artist based in Malaysia. She had danced with The Human Expression Dance Company in Singapore, LeeSaar The Company in NYC, and DPAC Dance Company in Malaysia. She is also touring in the performance ‘SK!N’ with Terryandthecuz in Australia. Last year, she co-created and co-performed her duet collaboration Where’s The Speficifisfety with Singapore dance artist Lee Mun Wai. She has had creative residencies in Rimbun Dahan, Morishita Studios in Tokyo, and at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her work B.E.D., supported by the Krishen Jit Astro Fund, has been presented in different chapters in Malaysia, Festival BO:M 2015 in Seoul, and Festival/Tokyo 2016. She recently collaborated in and tour-performed Version 2020 by Mark Teh of the Five Arts Centre. She currently works on a long-term neighborhood research project.




This session invites participants to listen deeper to their body, to connect to the most basic pleasure and the desire to move. They will be encouraged to connect to inner fragility and weakness in order to tap into awakened availability and strength. Practice of awareness is an emphasis, allowing the body away from its habitual locking or tension, along with multi-layered stimulus to move and to be. This class structure includes verbally-cued movement exploration and set movement sequences.

Class Level: Intermediate



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