Everything begins with Contact Improvisation and its cooperation side, freedom and co-creativity. It immerses Céline Robineau into the Somatics universe ; weight, gravity and attention focusing. She carries on with her researches in Improvisation and Somatics. She goes on Soto G. Hoffman’s program “Somatics, Performance and the creative Process”.

Looking for more supports relating to movement, Céline learns the Life Art Process®, which is an approach for exploration and awareness via movement and artistic expression, in Tamalpa Institute, California ( She assists Anna Halprin (its founder) in classes and workshops. She discovers the resonances between movement, drawing, painting and writing: how words can come from a body experience, a body part, how moving one’s drawing brings up some new movement patterns, etc… thanks to a multimodal artistic approach.

Because observation, presence and benevolence are deeply rooted in her practices, she joins the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program to develop some new experiences and knowledges.

Céline guides workshops and courses in which danced movements, poetry, painting, and drawing combine like reflections of one another. Concurrently, Céline leads different choreographic projects linked to specific topics such as “Love Gestures in the Public Space”. At the moment, she works on an interspecies communication project that made her meet cetaceans to learn from them their way of relating to the world. Play is a key point (CI being a tool) that share cetaceans and humans !



“In this workshop, we will stop, listen, observe, name, allow, welcome, write, let it be, let it go, let it move…

The work will awaken our senses, will invite bodies to dialogue and meetings, highlight personal creativity and peculiarity.

From an attention to sensorial, emotional and imaginational levels of ourself, we will let the bodies move and express their sensitive and poetic hidden potential.

From an opening and listening to one-self, the others and the whole environnement, from sharing experiences, we will discover new resources, new ways of moving.

The use of writing or drawing will allow different languages of ourself to emerge, unexpected dances to show up. The creative process intends to support and enhance alterity.

Contact improvisation will be used as a way of learning from disorientation, unbalance, be present at any moment. We will work on « staying at home » and « going into the world » at the same time ! It will also allow listening from the touch, giving weight and confidence, finding this place of co-creation in the duet.

The Life Art Process is a mouvement based expressive arts approach that interplays between movement, images and poetic writing. It considers the body as its center, as the container of our entire life experience. It assists the development of awareness, creativity, embodied expression, and facilitates an in-depth exploration of personal myth and potential. It connects mouvement, metaphor and narrative, expressively interplaying body, feeling and imagination.



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