Sacred Earth Mystical Dancer & Facilitator, Creative director of Dance to bliss

Originally from Tokyo Japan, Nashwa took her first mystical dance lesson at age 19 with Mishaal(Bali/ Tokyo/ U.S.A) who is founder of Devadasi studio in Tokyo and created Sacred Earth Mystical Dance. Since then, she has been fascinated by beauty of it healing art.

As a member of a professional oriental dance ensemble in Tokyo, she was lucky to have a rich performance experiences such as Fujirock festival (2008 and 2012), Tokyo Girls Collection (2008 and 2012), front act for international artists; Ahmet Lulet (Turky), Ansuya (U.S.A), Collena Shakti (India), Farasha(U.S.A), Meera(U.S.A), etc…).

Nashwa has a reputation for her mystical fusion dance style and her therapeutic dance session for both women and men. Her work has been recognized in Sigapore since she moved in 2016 and it was featured at Channel New Asia TV channel in 2017.



Cosmic Dance is guided intuitive movement journey for both men and women to step into sacred awakening of body, mind and spirit. In collective energy wave, you are guided to experience an ecstatic state of oneness, integration of Yin & Yang, sacred intimacy and explore expressive capacity of your body and soul with primordial wisdom of movement, rhythm and breath.

This Class is open to all.



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