Roderick George – Choreographic Poetics

Performance Workshop


Choreographic Poetics

Workshop Date: 22 – 26 & 28 – 31 JULY (WEEK 1 & 2)
Time: 14:00 – 17:30

[About the Workshop]

Roderick George will prepare three components of a contemporary class, improvisation, and repertoire. George offers a contemporary class that has been enhanced with practices and experiences of The William Forsythe Company. The teaching has a very high level of dynamic and physical coordination that integrates the floor as an important component in the class. There is a deep attention to full body connection and the awareness of head to toes alignment. My teaching focuses on the clarity of movement, which stems from the variations of ballet, release technique, acrobatic physicality, and rhythmic coordination. These elements help the form and allow for a greater range of physical expression.

George drives the repertoire experience through a balancing experiment of soft and aggressive elements, stillness and virtuosic movement. Informed by layers of dance forms ranging from classical ballet to breakdance to acrobatics. The combination of diverse histories, traditions and culture work together to create a unique quality of movement that seeks to be thought provoking and challenge the viewer’s senses. These elements are inserted within the improvisation studies to keep the awareness of body, sharpness and clarity within movement choices, and freedom to express a new opinion of dance vocabulary.

Teacher Biography


Roderick George

Roderick George, born in Houston,Texas, studied dance at Ben Stevenson’s Houston Ballet Academy. Roderick continued to develop his skill by exploring other techniques at The Alvin Ailey School, Miami City Ballet, LINES Professional Program and the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, TX. Before starting his professional career, he was a bronze winner of the Youth American Grand Prix in New York City in 2005 and was elected as a Presidential Scholar under the YoungArts Foundation in 2003, where he performed for the US President. Roderick joined Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in 2005. Roderick decided to move abroad to work with Basel Ballet/ Theater Basel in 2007 and later to guest with the Goteborg Operan DansKompani. Roderick joined The Forsythe Company in Frankfurt, Germany. Where he learnt and shared his greatest moments with William Forsythe and the artists of TFC. His career has embraced the collaborations of his work and other great choreographers such as Peeping Tom, Jorma Elo, Jerome Bel, Jacopo Godani, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jiří Kylian, Sharon Eyal, Ohan Naharin, Benoit Swan-Pouffer, Richard Wherlock, Tino Seghal and many others.


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