Roderick George

Roderick George was born in Houston,Texas, where he began his studies and classical training at Ben Stevenson’s Houston Ballet Academy. His career has embraced the collaborations of his work and other great choreographers such as Peeping Tom, Jorma Elo, Jerome Bel, Jacopo Godani, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jiří Kylian, Sharon Eyal, Ohan Naharin, Benoit Swan-Pouffer, Richard Wherlock, Tino Seghal and many others.

Choreographic Poetics

Roderick George will prepare three components of a contemporary class, improvisation, and repertoire. George offers a contemporary class that has been enhanced with practices and experiences of The William Forsythe Company. The teaching has a very high level of dynamic and physical coordination that integrates the floor as an important component in the class. There is a deep attention to full body connection and the awareness of head to toes alignment. My teaching focuses on the clarity of movement, which stems from the variations of ballet, release technique, acrobatic physicality, and rhythmic coordination. These elements help the form and allow for a greater range of physical expression.

Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton

Olivia Court Mesa (1980) is a chilean-israeli independent dance artist. Devoted to performance art for the past 20 years, performing, choreographing, improvising and working for other creators as well. Olivia started dancing and performing at age 14 in Chile with Oscar del Bardo’s physical theater Company. At 17 she moved to Germany and studies contemporary dance and teaching at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. She was awarded scholarships to visit the annual summer academy in Kyoto and from Vivianne Wood (DV8) to finish he studies.

Contact Improvisation in Performance – Common Body

The Common Body is a workshop-laboratory and movement language that is aiming to enrich within dancers, dance students and movers the experience in dancing with a partner. The movement language is a result of the fascinating integration between contact in it’s improvised form and contemporary choreographed partnering work. It creates a specific physicality and an unique perspective about moving with someone.


Helder Seabra

Originally from Portugal, Helder Seabra, received his training in Ginasiano / Portugal and P.A.R.T.S./Belgium. For the past 14 years he has been a long-term member of the renowned companies Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus and Eastman/Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, as a performer, assistant choreographer and teacher for local and international assignments. At the same time he has been progressively developing his own artistic practices and in 2013 he founded HelKa Vzw, to channel all his previous experiences and explore the full potential of the body & mind, and different forms of dialogue, through collaborations with other artists. Through the platform he has been creating, performing, and teaching on an intensive basis (inter)nationally.

Presence in Performance

Workshop Information Coming Soon!


Vangelis graduated from Laban Center (London, UK) with BA in Dance theatre and MA in Choreography and holds a Masters in Buddhist Studies from Hong Kong University. He is the founder and the Artistic Director of Unity Space (HK), The Van-L Dance Company (London) and the Festival EPW amongst other projects

Embodied Unity

Embodied Unity is a practice and a philosophy out of Vangelis Legakis’s 25 years of experience. It integrates the profound disciplines of dance, qigong and yoga as well as the philosophies of Hindu, Buddhism and Taoism

Embodied Unity is a fusion of Flying Low, Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Experiential Anatomy integrating Chi Gong, Meridians, Yoga and breath work.

Pippa & Tara Jade Samaya

The Samaya Wives come together in life and creation as a multi-disciplinary duo to explore the many colours and tones of what it means to be alive on this earth and reveal the innate one-ness that ultimately links us all. To bring a voice to the voiceless, to shed light in dark spaces, to empower and to inspire; The Samaya Wives strive towards equality, wisdom, compassion and authentic connection. The fusion of their respective expertise in Dance, Photography and Film enables them to communicate through external imagery the internal world of the human psyche.

Dance on Film for performance

Pippa and Tara Jade Samaya will bring their film collective The Samaya Wives to offer a workshop in creating dance for film. The workshop will offer insight into both sides of the camera, develop choreography to work around the theme of Empowerment to create a short dance film which will be screened on the final day of the festival. Working with the concept of how individual empowerment can influence and support the empowerment of a collective, throughout the week we will explore a range of virtuosic movements in floor work, partnering and improvisation. This will accumulate in a collaboration for the construction of choreography specifically designed for camera.

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