Meraki Cía. (Spain / Malaysia)

Meraki Cía. is an emerging company born in 2016 in Asturias (Spain), that aims to explore the connection between contemporary dance and other disciplines such as breakdance and flamenco, focused on experimental arts and new movement research. Its works have been performed at different venues and festivals in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, such as Me Myself & I (Paso a 2 CCM Madrid), Danza Xixón (Gijón), 9th Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta (Singapore), PLATAFORMA (Berlin), Festival Kolektif (Malaysia), Raw & Polished (Nuremberg) among others.

Since 2017 the company has been in permanent residence at El Huerto Scenic Space (Zig Zag Danza, Gijón – Spain). The company has created its productions during the frame of different residencies highlighting LABoral Arts Centre, Espacio Tangente, Raizvanguarda or Instituto Cervantes of Berlin.”




2 DAYS Workshop | 9th & 10th JULY 10:40 – 13:00

Movement research, improvisation, and choreography, approaching the process from contemporary dance and using concepts and elements of breakdance.

An analysis of the exchange between different disciplines is proposed, such as contemporary dance and urban styles, as well as any other influence that each of the students has, to find, individually, as well as in groups, new languages that emerge from the fusion of the disciplines.

From the study of some of the structures, techniques, and principles of the movement of the different disciplines, the aim is to analyze the similarities, as well as the different approaches and points of view that these styles have regarding body training. Based on these, as a basis, we will work on its development and translation to different languages, individually and in groups.

In this workshop, guidelines and creative tools will be suggested, so that they can be used afterward for any creative work related to the movement, based on improvisation. Scenic and creative tools will be used for the composition of images, scenes, choreographies, creating phrases that will work throughout the workshop.

In addition, we will work on the musicality, focusing in the corporal expression and the creativity of the students.

Who is this for: who wants to discover new movement languages and composition tools from creativity and personal resources. No previous experience is required, although some knowledge of any body or movement training is favorable.


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