Vangelis Legakis has initiated the CBC Facilitators Training Course to teach and transmit this unique practice that integrates Dance, Healing and Spirituality. He is inviting an accredited teacher to teach the practice at the EPW | IFE festival.

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Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We believe that everybody can dance so we created these open and all-inclusive dance sessions for people to try what it means to dance and truly connect with the self and others.

Contact Improvisation is an open-ended exploration of the kinesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through contact. Sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative.

In Contact Beyond Contact we use all our senses, energy and soul to connect with one another rather than only the physical body contact. Contact starts already in the space in between before the skin to skin contact. The eyes need to come into contact with what they witness; The ears need to come into contact with the vibrations of sounds within and all around us to listen.

CBC was created by Vangelis Legakis after many years of dance practice, teaching and by integrating healing modalities, meditation and spirituality. CBC has taken a unique substance and form that we wish to share to the world to teach and share further.

During these sessions, we will guide you through a unique journey to explore and experience profound transformations in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. We will focus the sessions on different senses to stimulate and expand from within. You will experience deep sensations within yourself for creating genuine relationships with the self and others through the unique practice of Dance.



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