TEACHER: Kiana Neethling

Kiana is a Yoga teacher, Contact Beyond Contact facilitator and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. She is passionate about dance as a tool to create healing and true connection. Her teaching is inspired by Qigong, a martial arts practice focused on cultivating and harmonizing Qi (life energy). She believes in developing self love and integrity as the foundation on which community and authentic relationships can grow. Currently studying anatomy, physiology and pathology, she is uncovering greater layers of freedom on her path.



2 Days Workshop: 11th & 12th July 10:40 – 13:00

Contact Beyond Contact (CBC), is a movement practice originally created by Vangelis Legakis, the artistic director of Unity Space – an Arts and Healing Organisation based in Hong Kong. CBC is an accumulation of Vangelis’ wealth of experience and research into different movement practices and healing modalities.

Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a practice that integrates Contact Improvisation (CI), Passing Through (PT) and Authentic Movement (AM) with other profound practices such as chi gong, yoga, healing modalities, principles of behaviourism, mindfulness, leadership skills, Buddhism and Taoism. All of these practices are woven together to create a holistic integration of the Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

CBC endeavors to create a safe and held space for each individual, one where they can learn to honour their boundaries with self and with another.
This practice will allow you to genuinely, energetically connect in partnering work, with yourself, with an-other, with the environment and with nature and the world beyond the means of physical contact.

In a CBC session you can expect to work on a few of the practices and concepts of leading-following, push-pull, floor work and lifts, passing through, partnering in duets, trios and groups, energy work, meditation and mindfulness.

CBC sessions work on both the body and the intellect to interpret intentions and perceptions. Contact already starts from the space in between two bodies, before the physical skin to skin contact; the eyes need to come into contact with what they witness, the ears need to come into contact with the vibrations of sounds within and around us.

CBC is a practice that develops and cultivates fine-tuned communication. Through the art form of dance, we are given the tools to enhance and explore the metaphysical aspects of our existence.

During these sessions, we will guide you through a unique journey to explore and experience profound transformations in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. We will focus the sessions on different senses to stimulate and expand from within. You will experience deep sensations within yourself for creating genuine relationships with the self and others through the unique practice of Dance.

Who are CBC sessions for?
CBC sessions are open to all – whether you are an experienced dance practitioner/ healer or a complete beginner to dance, holistic and spiritual practices – CBC welcomes you with open arms. These sessions are a place for you to discover and deepen your relationship with self, other and the world around. All the skills offered take each individual into account, making it a practice available for all bodies and people of varying backgrounds.



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