Hyoseung Ye, originally from South Korea, danced for the Belgian dance company Les Ballets C de la B with Alain Platel (VSPRS 2005, Pitié 2007,Out of context for Pina 2010) for many years before founding BluePoet D.T, the organization founded by choreographer Hyoseung Ye in 2013.

In addition to using his rapport with European stages to facilitate exchange between Korea and Europe, Ye has reached out to the North American market, promoting the beauty and philosophy of Korean dance. Ye continues to present his unique body language, art and philosophy on annual European tours.

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1. We focus on self-monitoring, muscle training and flexibility through Yoga.
2. I’d like to share my body and body communication and energy through the basic improvisation of the work of Les ballets C de la B.
3. lastly I will give repertoire movement a part of Les ballets C de la B of Out of Context for Pina.



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