“I dance and film because I am alive and I want to communicate something, and sometimes because I am trying to feel something or simply want to have fun.
In both dance and film-making, the practice connects us together as a group and brings us deep into presence.”

Raphaël Holt is an improviser, film-maker and mover. In 2011, he graduated from the French national film school Louis Lumière, where he wrote his thesis about improvisation in cinema. That’s where he began developing his own language in fiction, directing short films using collective improvisation and open scores.

Raphaël continued to learn as an assistant on movies directed by Woody Allen, Yves Angelo, Fernando Meirelles and Michel Gondry in Paris and New-York. From 2012 to 2014, in residency at the contemporary art studio Le Fresnoy, he merged dance and cinema through film practice and performance. He explored movement through improvisation and contact improvisation with Karen Nelson, Tal Avni, Malcolm Manning and Vangelis Legakis.

Since 2015, Raphaël has been dancing, traveling and filming various projects bridging ritual, performance and film in South America and Europe.

In dance, while playing and moving together we can sometimes feel that something is dancing through us, like a spontaneous truth emerging. We recognize it as mysterious and shared, and yet it is being seen for the very first time. I initially thought that a camera could catch something like this, but what happens with the camera is on another level. The camera opens new dimensions. It offers us the ability to redefine time, space, movement, rhythm, and all perceptions, therefore creating a poetic language of its own.





Workshop to explore still photography and video for dance.

How to capture dancing movement ? how to photography the moving body ?

Passing through both roles of being captured and taking pictures, each participant will discover and refine tools I call “camera for dance, dance for camera” based on their own taste and abilities.

Composition, scales, rhythm, movements, we will learn all the basic elements to develop our own language for and through image.

What is it to dance for a camera – a moving and recording audience ? As a dancer, how can I create with the photographer, dance for them, with them ?

By creating a relationship between dancer and photographer we will explore how the visual arts can meet dancing and becomes a dance producing images.

Notes: You can use your mobile phone camera during the class however we recommend you to bring a filming camera if you have one.


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