“When you change the way you see yourself, you change the way the world sees you.”

Lek’s journey to an internationally sought yoga teacher begins in the sin city of Asia, Bangkok. Growing up there amongst a Chinese-Thai family focused on achievement, Lek felt like he was a constant disappointment. He lacked physical strength and did poorly in school and was shamed by his family for his very identity.

When he found yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco, he could feel right away a connection and pulse drawing him towards what he loved and needed in his life.

He came to yoga with a perfectly open body, but a wounded mind and spirit. He recognized innately a connection between the outer body and the inner world, and through yoga he began to heal his inner body. After the death of his partner he decided to follow his heart and went to India to attend a Teacher Training at Sivananda in Uttharakashi and stayed in northern India for 6 months to experience different yoga styles. He studied under Victor Chng who inspired and trained him as a Yin Yoga instructor and his teaching evolved further under the guidance of Angela Farmer and Victor Van Katoon who taught him the delicacy of the inner work of yoga.

As he has transformed his inner life, his outer life has transformed as well. He is now internationally recognized for his Innerlife yoga teachings and his transformative take on yin postures. In his classes both in Thailand and abroad, he shares with his students his vast knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of connective tissues. He incorporates philosophy, spiritualism, energy work, subconscious and traditional Chinese medicine into his teachings to help his students holistically transform their lives.

His style and transformation have been informed by hatha yoga training, Advanced Hypnotic therapy certification, yin yoga advanced training with Victor Chng and continued trainings with Diane Long, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Katoon. He has been inspired immensely by his study of Vanda Scaravelli, and her work on the awakening of the spine.

He has helped open the doors to yogic healing to practitioners in countries around the world and is welcomed at yoga festivals around Asia. He has conducted teacher trainings yoga courses in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, helping new teachers who visit from across the world.





Day1: Inner Release

Learn to the condition of your connective tissue, understand how the tissue in the body works and how to change them.  Stretching is not the best way to gain flexibility, It only force the body to fight back. Releasing is to change how the tissue interacts with the bone.  

but How can we change the conditions of our tissue?  once you understand this secret your practice will never be the same.

In these sessions, participants will be taught about the:

-How to Soften your body allow the energy to flow and release unwanted energy out of your body system

– Yin and Yang’s anatomy structures.

– Importance of understand internal resistance

– Deep understanding the connection of connective tissue and emotion

– Full awareness pramayana which help us to connect with our body more effectively

Where can I use what I learn:

Student will learn and understand how to works with connective tissue though the movement and fascia release technique. Once you understand this principle then you will apply to every asanas.  Create method of using different prop to help open up our body from within.


Day 2 Inner Brain 

Twitch our brain so we can move in to asana in more productive way.  Very often we spend our time on our practice but see little result. When this happen we could change the way we practice so our brain can work harder to create result.

Our brain is amazing organ, It can change and figure out the way to get the result we want but we have to give them the right information and take them out of the ordinary way. So the brain could perform better. This what we call NeuroPlasticity. InnerBrain is focus on reconnect our brain to our body and will help you to understand your asana and body better.

In This course we will:

– explore asana in the different way

– Using Asana to train our brain to learn the same task in a new way so we can make our practice come more alive

– We will learn how our neuron cell. communicates to each other,

 – Improve our body functions


Day 3: Morning Heaven and Earth

Understand the power of the earth energy that helps support us. Our feet influence the whole-body structure.  As in Chinese medicine we are the product of Yin & Yang energy with in us This class with give us understanding of how the energy flow and moves in out body and how it affects our yoga practice. Learn to ground the energy in more effectively then the energy will raise us toward the heaven.

In this session we will:

– understand of Yin and Yang energy in our practice.

– exploring grounding in more detail.

– Working with hand and foot for standing and inversion poses.

– Understand how importance of our foot in Asana.

–  understand the power the earth and heaven.

– Breath works that help us ground our energy and keep up more stable on the earth.


Day 4: Inner Communication

Our body is very intelligent, when we learn to listen to our body and understand how it function. Your asana will take on a difference dimension. Once we are trap in to our body flow we will open up to a new possibility.  

This final session:

– will bring all the elements we have learn in all the earlier sessions in to practice

– understand how our subconscious effects our practice

– Get into back bend with more fun and less pain

– Over ride out fear of backbend


Where will they use of what they learn:

This 4-session course design to learn the student the new approach in practice yoga to teach student to understand how to work with our inner tissue and our subconscious mind. This message proof to be the great way to improve your asana which we can apply those techniques in your everyday practice.

Teacher will learn the different technique and understand how to help student achieve better and student will get to bring the principle into the regular practice which will help empower they body.

Who can join this workshop:

All session is not for totally new beginner, at least they should have some few month of practice. Teachers and experienced teachers will have great benefit from this workshop. 



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