Lee Tang Kok (b. 1949), Malaysian.

Teaching Taiji movements as a dance technique.

1996-present: ASK/ASWARA, Kuala Lumpur. Dance Department.

2009-present: Pusat Kebudayaan, Univesiti Malaya, Dance Department.

TCM Consultant (1994-2018)

Soon Hing Cheong (1956) Ginseng Sdn. Bhd.

5-7 Leboh Pudu, 50050 KL.


Founder of:

Zhonghe Dao Taiji (1986), Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Master of:

Center for Mindfulness Training (1990), Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

1986-1992: Teaching Taiji/Qigong/Meditation in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.





This course is based on the Principle of Taiji, Yin and Yang, and consists of 21 Taiji forms.

The students will be exposed to various elements such as:

1. Four foundations of Taiji postures: Relax, Sinking, Centering, and Balance.

2. Four essential qualities of Taiji movements: Gentleness, Continuity, Unified, and Mindfulness.

3. Body and mind unification: Synchronising movements, breath, and intention of the mind.

4. Three stages of refinement: Physical refinement (Jing), Energy refinement (Qi), and Spiritual refinement (Shen).

5. Technique of body awareness from stillnesss (Wuji) to movement (Taiji).


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