Karyn Chan

  • Founder of Zi Aryna Oriental Dance Academy
  • Organizer of International Bellydance Championship 2019 “ Queen of Raqs Sharqi ”
  • Co-organizer of international Bellydance Championship “ Belly Dance Malaysia ” 2017 & 2018
  • Judges of 3rd Dancing Diva International Belly Dance Competition 2019 in Taiwan
  • Judges of Malaysia World Oriental Dance Arts Festival 2018
  • Champion of Miss Belly Dance Malaysia 2016
  • Champion of 6th Oriental Xpression,  Oriental Star 2016
  • Champion of WDO World Championships 6th Malaysia Open Dance Fest 2015
  • Champion of 22nd Penang International Ballroom Dancing Championships 2015


Karyn is very passionate and inspiring international Belly dancer.With Nearly about 8 years of experience as choreographer, dance instructor and dance artist, Karyn was invited to perform all over Malaysia and some Asean countries. She started belly dance at age 15 years old and there is no turning back ever since. She also expose herself to different genre of dance such as Chinese dance, contemporary dance and also ballet. Karyn passion for learning doesn’t halt despite of her numerous achievements. She attended training for Teachers Training Program under Mei Yan dance school, one of China’s longest standing and rein owned Oriental Arts schools in China.



2 Days Workshop: 9th & 10th July 10:40 – 13:00

Nervous? Almost all beginners are.  Rest assured this class is for YOU – people of all shapes, sizes,  ages and ability levels. You’re not too much or too little of anything. Come and have fun while I introduce you to the magic, mystery, and sheer FUN of dancing in your own body, just as you are. I will teach you some simple moves to string together, and by the end of our hour together, you will be dancing. Give me an hour and I’ll give you a chance to see what its like to be a Belly Dancer.


Day 1

Introduction of the Sensation move

When participating you will learn basic bellydance techniques that will train your body to perform signature bellydance moves such as isolations, undulations, figure eights, and shimmies.

In addition, you will be supplied with the tools you need to form a solid dance foundation in which your dance can grow. It is our hope that you will discover a deeper and more loving connection to your body while improving posture, poise and confidence.


Day 2

Forming Isolation into a dance

After learning all the bellydance basic moves, you can do it into a hot and funny “Drum solo”dance, with Darbuka music. You learn how to implement with darbuka beat and rhythm. Dum Tak Dum Dum Tak…

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