Jessica Gabrielli – FOLDENMOVE

Elective Workshop – Healing


Workshop Date: 25 & 26 JULY (WEEKEND)
Time: 11:15 – 13:15

[About the Workshop]

Foldenmove® is a integrated creative experience that merges the process of making art with elements from different movement disciplines, unified into one process, to unfold and explore human potential. The scope of physical practice is inspired by the Controlled Strength® method, including yoga asanas, gymnastics-oriented strength & mobility, hand balancing as well as balance in general. The experience also introduces participants to elements of rhythm and locomotion, meditation and breath work.

Foldenmove® will get you into your body and out of your head. It is an opportunity for all of us to reconnect, both to ourselves and to each other, in order to move through life with more ease, strength and grace. In this workshop, participants will be guided through a step-by-step process designed to capture an authentic portrait of their soul, unfolding through movement and colours. Each individual will walk away with their own unique Foldenmove® artwork, as well as a novel perspective into the meaning of wellness and vitality. 

“From my end to yours, Foldenmove® comes down to one simple objective: taking a breathe from the intellect, its needs and expectations in order to give free flow to our creative intuition – the mother of all action. 

The Foldenmove® process will hold a space for you to reconnect with the creative force within, while feeling safe in its manifestation and external expression. Getting into our body through physical movement has the power to drive us back to a very primal state of creativity – a space of infinite possibilities that exists within all of us. This enhanced state of awareness can over time allow us to experience greater results in productivity, innovation, and happiness in order to lead more fulfilled and inspired lives. Foldenmove® is an integrative experience translated through movement and colours, for you to remember that your abilities and your intuition are always with you, ready to tap into at any given moment.”

Teacher Biography


Jessica Gabrielli

Where Forces Give Way To Form

Movement perceived as an art form, as a process of development and integration.

The origins of movement, human development and the study of kinesiology provide the base foundation upon which Jessica has grown her practice over the past seven years. With a background in fine arts, dance, gymnastics and yoga, Jessicas work has been dedicated to explore the capacity of the human body and the mind to work in concert towards reaching enhanced performance while nurturing creativity in the context of movement. Understanding what sets us in motion allows us to breach the barriers of what we think we can and cant achieve. Getting attuned to our own strengths and learning how to heal ourselves, while drawing inspiration from that process, is key to yield change and transformation. Move. Investigate constantly. Learn to grow and evolve in new ways and from the right sources. Inquire and give the benefit of the doubt to everything, to everyone and to yourself, as means to free up possibilities, re-establishing a connection to the light within your soul. Let movement become your meditation.

Founder of Foldenmove®, Jessica Gabrielli is a Movement practitioner, a facilitator and an artist working with a spectrum of methods to research and develop human performance, including physical movement, holistic health and creative expression. Jessica is currently based in Melbourne Australia, and runs workshops across Australia, South East Asia and Europe.


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