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Arise by C&F Ben Aim


This impromptu dance and musical piece is an opportunity for Christian and François Ben Aïm to combine two distinct aspects of their work: on the one hand their love of in situ and site specific pieces, many of which the company has produced during their multiple residencies, and on the other their interest in the concepts of singularity and otherness.

Arise is a thoughtful exploration of the notions of loneliness and elevation. The result is a poetic performance of restraint that effectively reveals what is most alive in each of us. It addresses the idea of the sacred in an approach that oscillates between religious and profane.

Fundamentally evolutionary and evolving, the piece resonates intimately with the performance venues, moulding itself on the spaces, whether sacred or unusual.

DATES: 6&7 June

TIME: 20:00

PLACE: Espacio Al Aire Libre

Choreography: Christian and François Ben Aïm
Musical composition and interpretation Piers Faccini

Interpretation: Christian and François Ben Aïm, Louis Gillard or Thibaut Eiferman
Creation of lights: Laurent Patissier
Costume creation and styling: Dulcie Best
Sound engineer and technical direction: Hervé Le Dorlot

Short Duet for a Lonely Gentleman Performance

Short Duet For A Lonely Gentlemen is a project in collaboration with the choreographer Barnaby Booth and Los Little Guys.

This work is a fast paced and incredibly detailed snapshot of an endlessly repeating story. Trapped in cycles of aggression and loneliness, two men reshuffle and rationalize their hopelessness, lust and pride into anger over and over again. Underneath layers of clothing, they are aware of how naked they feel.

DATE: 8&9 June 2023
TIME: 19:00

Created in 2018/2019 with support from Creative Arts and Co. France, Spin Arts Management, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, TRAK Dance Ensemble, and School for Contemporary Dance and Thought.

Directed by Barnaby Booth
Choreography by Barnaby Booth in collaboration with Los Little Guys
Performed by Erik Elizondo and Dimitri Kalaitzidis

Melva Olivas

New Creation


DATE: 2&3 June 2023
TIME: 19:00

Vangelis Dance Company

Broken Echoes

The duet piece shows the time we surrender to accept all what has happened, and to receive the learnings and new beginnings.

DATE: 13&14 June 2023
TIME: 19:00
VENUE: Teatro Polivalente

Choreography: Vangelis Legakis
Performance: Elia Pangaro (IT) & Rosanne Van Barneveld (NL)
Music: Miguel Ángel Frausto
Light Design: Vangelis Legakis
Costume: Lubia Corres

Produced by: Unity Space & Invernadero Danza Oaxaca


16 & 17 June 2023 Teatro Polivalente


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