Took the first step in Bask folk dance and his dance formation comprises Classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern & Contemporary dance.

He worked with different companies and in a variety of productions in Spain, New York and France.

In the 90s he joins the company Ultima Vez in Brussels where in the past 20 years he has been involved as dancer, choreographic assistant and teacher.

Currently he combines assisting to dance creations with his pedagogical engagement: He teaches workshops and gives dance lessons to professionals and in dance schools. Within the teaching frame he has created the pieces: Cyclopes (Tokyo 2010), Jeffrey.1 (Copenhagen 2011), Blik Opener (Antwerp 2014) and Turbador (Brussels 2016).





Movement is the key tool of the work.

These classes are directed to people interested in dance as an art of expression.

Powerful and Fragile is a way to understand dominance applied to our relations with each other and the environment. This duality offers a large range of possibilities of interpretation. It’s impressive how easy is to mirror oneself on them.


Since few years the relationship between partners is the subject I’ve been researching more intensively: observing the real life, extracting events and translating them into dance partnering dialogues; cooperation versus hostile attitudes, sharing intentions towards each other; Standing each other, allow the other, to give oneself, stealing, proximity, collisions, surrender… a platform of terms from where we will build up codes for the dialogue.

To forge our movements during the process, we will retrieve emotions from our memory, daily acts or old events from our personal experiences.


Exercises of partnering and floor work, large movements across the room, improvised scenes and time to research movement.

We will work out tools for group, partner cooperation and launch topics for its analyze and discussion.

The participant is encouraged to appropriate & stage the given performing material in the shortest delay of time.


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