Lahar Fornaro – Active Meditation

Elective Workshop – Healing

Workshop Date: 1-5 & 7-10 JUNE (WEEK 1 & 2)
Time: 08:00 – 08:45

[About the Workshop]

Meditation is a space of being where mind, body and spirit become one in the Here and Now. The techniques we use to savor this space are called active meditations and include an active phase and a passive or observation phase; during the active phase we stimulate and move the energy of our body through movement, breath, voice, dance and then move on to the observation of what is in the present moment during the absence of movement in the next phase. It is the active phase that prepares the space for conscious observation. Have you ever noticed that when you laugh out loud your mind stops for a few seconds and you are total in the present moment? Here, we will use the techniques as a laugh, a direct door to a space of presence and observation of what is, as it is.


Teacher Biography

Lahar Fornaro

Since meditation entered my life, I’ve been digging into myself, trying to take off all the layers that had been put on me from the outside, and the last year’s worldwide challenge has given me the time and the safe emptiness to feel what was left in me when I didn’t have to do or be anything and when nothing was required from me. There, at the core of stillness and timeless, I found my Self dancing; a stream of creativity that was always present to shape my changes and taking me back to all there is here and now. It took me to the darkest places and to my highest peaks, it warmly welcomed unpleasant feelings and reflected the eternal beauty of things and of myself.

Taking off the pressure of becoming someone else and relaxing into who I already am, I let go of all the voices that have been telling me what I should do in order to be considered successful and to fit in in this world. I started following what was bringing joy into my life and what was making me lose track of time, letting me taste every second of my present, and dance became me. I dance when I am sad, when I’m in love, when I’m bored, when I’m lost and angry, I find myself dancing when I’m waiting in a queue or choosing which biscuits to buy, I love dancing in, with and on the natural elements, and all of this helped me realise loud and clear that I am here to dance and for the dance, no matter what others think and despite what is believed good or bad for me.


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