Josué Manchado is a Wing Chun, White Crane, Western  Boxing expert and coach. 

He has been studying a variety of styles of Martial Arts, starting with Chinese Martial Arts from the age of 5 years old.

Josué has studied under 9 grandmasters of Wing Chun, TaiJi, White Crane and Philippine Dumog across Europe, Hong Kong and mainland China. He has spent the last 5 years teaching the ancestral arts of White Crane Boxing and E-mei Qi gong. These ancestral arts are what gave birth to modern day Wing Chun. His main focus is the cultivation of internal skills such as Hwa Jing, Fa Jin, etc.

During his workshop; he will guide you through a self-introspective process which will help produce a unique grounding and sharpness of ones mind, body and energy.





During this training, Josué unravels the building blocks of mental and physical power. These components would be presented in form of challenges and exercises so you can develop yourself and tap into DEXTERITY, one of the most important keys of martial arts. This course is designed to make you embody new principles that surely are going to speed up your improvement and make you smash your goals.

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