Areeradh K Tri-Siddha

Founder/Creator of DANCEmandala

Areeradh began her life practice with Buddhist study, meditation, yoga and dance expression in various forms along side her formal education and working.

The form of dance that Areeradh immersed herself in for many years were Biodanza and Five rhythms. Biodanza is a dance expression created by Lolundo Toro. It’s focus is on human interaction and personal liberation. The system has strong identity/self-growth and theoretical elements attached to it. Biodanza has been part of Areeradh’s offering and is one of the tools she use to create space for creating supportive group dynamics. Five rhythms however has became Areeradh’s past and valuable experience that has served her growth, provided the motivation and healing she needed then.

From early years, Areeradh was introduced to Buddhist principles and learnt how to meditation at school. She spent graduate educational years working as well as immersing in long distance studies with the Sukhothai University where she deepened her appreciation of Thai Language and Literature. In post graduate time Areeradh followed her interest while holding a professional position as an Information Research Officer at academic library in the City University in London and studied Education and Training especially focussed on development of adults education, project management, group dynamics and mentoring.

Areeradh found her soul’s passion and higher purpose in guiding others through yoga and transformation dance. She continues to master her skill and deepen her love in creating a healing and learning space for others.

Her current personal practice is a unique combination of gentle steady yoga, free-form dance flowing with the DANCEmandala intuitive pathway, qi-gong movement, meditation, stillness and reflection.

Areeradh created DANCEmandala School of Movement Meditation as a platform for providing facilitator training program in 2011. Along side teaching and running the school she also work as a creative director, manager and yoga teacher at the Yoga Tree – Chiang Mai. where she serves the vibrant international community of Chiang Mai through her teaching of yoga, dance meditation and women wisdom circle.  More info at:



DANCEmandala takes us on an inward journey through different layers of our being helping us become more aware of our true Self, our harmonious connection with others, nature and community


It is a comprehensive method for Self-discovery and spiritual liberation that has it’s origin rooted in a yogic philosophy and a Buddhist principle.
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