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Arise by C&F Ben Aim


This impromptu dance and musical piece is an opportunity for Christian and François Ben Aïm to combine two distinct aspects of their work: on the one hand their love of in situ and site specific pieces, many of which the company has produced during their multiple residencies, and on the other their interest in the concepts of singularity and otherness.

Arise is a thoughtful exploration of the notions of loneliness and elevation. The result is a poetic performance of restraint that effectively reveals what is most alive in each of us. It addresses the idea of the sacred in an approach that oscillates between religious and profane.

Fundamentally evolutionary and evolving, the piece resonates intimately with the performance venues, moulding itself on the spaces, whether sacred or unusual.

DATES: 6&7 June

TIME: 20:00

PLACE: Espacio Al Aire Libre

Choreography: Christian and François Ben Aïm
Musical composition and interpretation Piers Faccini

Interpretation: Christian and François Ben Aïm, Louis Gillard or Thibaut Eiferman
Creation of lights: Laurent Patissier
Costume creation and styling: Dulcie Best
Sound engineer and technical direction: Hervé Le Dorlot

The Blind Narcissist by Saeed Hani

The Blind Narcissist

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was the son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Liriope and famous for his beauty. While he was hiking in the woods as a hunter, several admirers of both sexes fell in love with his appearance – without success since he was only devoted to his own beauty.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, decided to punish him for this behaviour and lured him to a lake where he saw the reflection of his image and fell in love without realizing that it was just a picture. Totally impressed by this beauty he was unable to leave. But each time he bent down to kiss it, it seemed to disappear. Narcissus grew more and more thirsty, but could not leave or disturb the pool of water for fear of losing sight of his reflection.

In the end, where he dies of thirst, there appears the narcissus flower, with its bright face and bowed neck.

The Blind Narcissist is a piece created as a duet, which unites the means of contemporary dance, visual arts, video art and spatial art.

It is about the self-destructive love of a man for a narcissist. The relationship in which one partner’s passion is directed to himself inevitably becomes a merciless struggle. For one is the creator and the partner only his creation. “You do not exist without me!”

DATE: 9 June 2022

TIME: 20:00



Choreographie: Saeed Hani Möller
Project Manager: Oliver Möller
Tänzer: Gabriel Lawton & Robin Rohrmann
Stage Design: Alexander Harry Morrison
Music: Jakob Schumo
Team: Keti Tskhadadze & Inessa Babkovich
Light Designer: Nils Römpke
Kostüm: Naddy Führinger

Akira Yoshida & Chey Jurado


In the search for the simple, it´s where the complex isfound. Hito shows the mere existence of two friends looking for something as simple as living, and how this nourishes them with closeness and support, and at the same time distances them.

DATE: 10 June 2022

TIME: 20:00

VENUE: Espacio al Aire Libre


Created & Performed by: Akira Yoshida & Chey Jurado

Vangelis Dance Company

Trials To Be

The solo piece portrays the challenges and stages we face in our life to pass through & break through from moments of mistrust, betrayal & losing oneself. The word Be-Trayal here is used linguistically and phonetically as Trials To Be to give birth to the title of this production.

DATE: 6&7 June 2022

TIME: 19:00

VENUE: Polivalente

Choreography: Vangelis Legakis
Performance: Rosario Ordoñez Fuentes
Music: Miguel Ángel Frausto
Light Design: Vangelis Legakis
Costume: Lubia Corres

Produced by: Unity Space & Invernadero Danza Oaxaca


11 & 12 June


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